The City is Reading Your Tweets (Don’t Worry, It’s for Good)

The D.C. City Council’s new Grade DC initiative is scoping out your tweets to see how residents feel about District Departments.

Mayor Gray isn’t saying much about the scandalous shadow campaign that may lead to his demise, but he is getting excited about the city’s recent “report card.”

The new initiative, called Grade DC, was launched by Mayor Gray seven weeks ago and is set to give the city a better idea of what issues residents have with different programs and departments so that, hopefully, they can become better.

The grades, which were released in a press conference held yesterday, came from residents who took the time out to visit the new site and click a link to comment, or the rest of us who continued to gripe about services provided by departments like  public works, consumer affairs, the DMV, parks and transportation via twitter and comments on local blogs.

That’s right, they’re reading your tweets and comments, but luckily they’re taking note of what you say. Well, most of what you say, I’m sure no one will ever give a sh*t about your new “TO DIE” nail polish or the fact that you’re always hungry when you decide to tweet.

The grades weren’t impressive by traditional standards, we mostly dished out C’s and B’s, but with all the hoopla surrounding city council and the city they came as a bit of a surprise. Let’s just hope by next month the grades haven’t plummeted. We just want you to be better, D.C.

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