Residents May Be Waiting Longer for Credit Swipes in Cabs

Hailing a cab in D.C. can be a painful experience, as the creators of DC Cabs Suck!   pointed out, and the experience is made only worse by the subpar service once you get in the cab (once a driver asked me how to get to the Kennedy Center), the glacial pace at which they drive, and their complete disregard for 21st century methods of collecting payment.

When the city council made a move to reform D.C. cabs’ shoddy service, the cries of residents singing praises to the heavens could be heard across the land. Credit card machines? Inside the cabs? A uniform paint color? *Cue harps*

But news that the credit card meters would be leased to Verifone System didn’t sit well with some of the other companies who were bidding for the contract, including Alexandria’s TaxiMagic and Creative Mobile Technologies, based out of Long Island, NY, who formally protested the decision last week.

Now it could be weeks before drunken U Street dwellers see some swipe action in their cab rides home to Capitol Hill since Verifone’s contract has been halted until a resolution is reached.

In the meantime, continue perfecting your drunk/in-the-rain bike riding skills and hop take your ass home via Bikeshare. Or get some cash out and flag down anything with lights–your pick.